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Welcome to the SONutrition Community

As a dedicated nutritionist and coach, I take pride in supporting my clients with ADHD and collaborating with like-minded organizations and professionals who share the same commitment. I've had the honour of working with several companies and individuals from the ADHD community, who bring valuable knowledge and expertise.
Their testimonials and endorsements reinforce the value of our workshops and partnerships, which aim to make a positive impact in the lives of neurodivergent adults and young people.

      Sarah is an excellent practitioner. She is warm, empathetic and knowledgable. She created a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle protocol to suit my lifestyle which could be implemented easily to help me achieve my health goals and improved my sense of well-being. I highly recommend Sarah's advice as a nutritional therapist.

S. Coan.                            Cheshire

      Everything was very clear and you were very easy to talk to and I found your advice extremely helpful x.

E. D.                             Manchester

      Sarah is an excellent nutritional therapist. Her subject matter, knowledge and attention to detail is both inspiring and re-assuring. But, beyond this, you know that each time you sit in ‘Sarah’s chair’, you are being listened to, heard and understood. Sarah cares. And because of her support we have been able to completely remedy a severe stomach complaint for a family member within a matter of a few short weeks.

S. Amesu.                        Cheshire

      In 2021, aged 18, I received a diagnosis of ADD. My diet consisted of lots of snack food, high sugar and fizzy drinks. Sarah was able to support me to make better choices and within a short time I no longer had cravings and had reduced my intake of these food almost completely. The tests revealed some nutrient deficiencies which were made up to sufficient levels with supplements and I found my mood and sleep improved, I continue to follow the plan. 

M. Sheehan.           Manchester

      Having been worried about my own health approaching 50, I decided to have a full MOT and signed up for a full suite of tests. The results of the range of testing revealed some imbalances and insufficiencies. We then went through all the aspects of my diet and I took onboard lots of the recommendations. Sarah helped to introduce the right breakfasts and increase the fibre intake which certainly improved and regularised my bowl movements. My mood has definitely improved and there is another area in which this full protocol has affected me positively - my ability to overcome alcohol addiction which was getting out of hand. I decided to jump off the bus before it completely crashed and this series of protocols gave me the best chance of overcoming the chemical imbalances which I had subjected my body and mind to over the last 30 years.

A. Sheehan.            Manchester

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